What is the best free CRM software?

Customer relationship management software is a very profitable investment for small business owners, because they are very careful about the people they work with, and it’s important to them that people also work well with them. CRM programs help improve customer service and optimize sales processes. In this article, we will tell about the best PFC programs and make a short review of their main features.

Freshsales: The Best Free CRM Provider – Review

Freshsales is truly worthy of the first place in our ranking as they satisfy almost all basic requirements for such programs it offers advantageous plans, both paid and free, has a simple and clear interface, and provides an unlimited number of users who will interact with the program.

Freshsales has the following features in its free version:

  • Manage contacts and accounts, as well as activity schedule and even live cycle milestones
  • Set tasks, schedule appointments and add notes within the program
  • Control and manage the transaction
  • Ability to export and import data from other programs
  • Program has a built-in dialer feature and incoming caller ID
  • Administrator has the right to set data access based on roles
  • Ability to use mobile OS applications
  • Website integration tools include classic forms, smart forms, and website tracking
  • A responsive and efficient helpdesk is available 24/7

Despite the extensive list of features, the free versions do have limitations that affect the most important part of any PFC, which are sales functions and parameters, pipeline, and call management. So if you want more, you can buy a paid license, which will expose you to AI features, sales forecasting, and more extensive phone settings.

Agile CRM – Overview

Agile CRM is a very handy application that combines three important aspects of any business, which are sales, marketing, and service. So having everything in one place makes it easier for your team to work on projects. There is no limit to set tasks or deals, it has great features including lead scoring, email tracking, web interaction, and more.

The downside of this CRM software is the limited number of users who can use it – up to 10 people – and the integration with only one third-party application.

The main features of the free Agile CRM plan:

  • Automated sales functions such as customizable data fields, lead scoring, appointment scheduling, and more
  • Marketing features are website visitor monitoring, contact level analytics reports, email templates, etc.
  • Support can only be contacted via email

The paid version of this program gives you access to more marketing features and more ways to contact support.

Zoho CRM – Overview

The free version of Zoho CRM includes standard reporting settings and customization options, it also has marketing automation and sales functions. The automation of processes in this program is excellent, and collaboration tools help you exchange messages between employees, track user activities and share files, which positively affects the productivity of your company. Support is available only during daytime business hours, by sending an email with questions. 

The main advantages of Zoho CRM are:

  • Lead, contacts, account, and transaction management
  • CRM views, advanced filters, tasks, events, logs, and notes
  • Page customization and tab renaming options
  • Automation of workflow rules
  • Standard reports
  • Marketing automation features include 10 email templates, unsubscribe, and email authentication
  • Web forms for leads and web contacts
  • Collaboration tools include calendars, status updates, direct messaging, attaching files to channels, and follow-up rules
  • Integration with any mobile OS